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That's A Good Thing

(Carmen Nickerson)
May 12, 2005
(c) (p) 2005 writers ("J" & Chazz Dixon) From her debut CD "CARMEN"
We want to write something for Carmen aka Vanilla Candy cause she's a sweetheart
© 2004 ("J" & C. Dixon)

SPOKEN: OOO popy chula come here, come here, hey lover

He ain't got much money
he don't drive no big fine car
the clothes he wears are second hand
but he's my main man

Ain't got much
He ain't got a lot of money
Love his touch
but his soul is rich with honey
Ain't got much
I like the way he handles me
Love his touch
I love, I love the way he love's me
and that's a good thing
the way he love's me
and that's a good thing

He's so good to me
and he's easy on the eye
the way he love's me over and over
I sometimes wanna cry
He don't ask for nothing
He's a self made kind of guy
and if I give him something
he gives more than I could buy

(repeat blue and red) chorus